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From: slut
Subject: Family Debt - Part SevenAs always, comments and communication welcome.Part SevenJohn's View.I had lost count of the number of times I had fantasised
about watching my stuck-up wife sexually abused and
humiliated, and now here she was with her tongue stuck up
her sister's arsehole and their dad videoing the whole
thing. But in my fantasies I'd been sitting in an easy
chair and wanking as I watched her being used. Not bent
over a chair with my son fucking my mouth and my daughter
ramming a dildo up my arse.Still, I did get to watch out of the corner of my eye met art lolita preteens
her face disappeared between the cheeks of Samantha's
arse, and I could imagine her tongue delving into that
tight little arsehole. Then Steve, who had stopped dead
to watch his mum and aunt, started thrusting into my
mouth again even harder, and that took up all my
attention. Feeling the texture of his skin on my lips,
the taste of his cock on my tongue, his hardness filling
my mouth. My eyes rose to his face and I saw the grin
there."How you liking it, Dad?" he asked. "Going to take my
load in your slut mouth? Going to swallow down my sticky
cum like a good whore?"With that last word, spat out with relish, he climaxed.
And I tasted the salty strands of my son's cum in my
mouth. I swallowed it, gulping it down. Sand the as his
cock softened he pulled it out of my mouth, and with
great deliberation wiped it clean first on little lolitas xxx pics my right cheek
and then my left."You're a good fuck, Dad," he said, half-laughing. "Don't
ever let anybody tell you different."I closed my eyes, half wishing this wasn't happening and
half wishing it could go on for ever. The taste of my
son's cock and cum still in my mouth, and the feel of it
still on my cheeks. Then I heard Tom's authoritative
voice, and opened my eyes again."It's getting late," he was saying. "And Aunt Samantha
has to get back to her own family. So we'll call a
temporary halt to this little party, and resume tomorrow.
Dawn, Steve, I want you to go to your own rooms now and
get some sleep. Your mother will ring the school tomorrow
morning and tell them you're both sick with something.
Claire, you get to your own bed too. Get a good night's
sleep, because tomorrow you'll be going to the gymn as
usual with Samantha. I'm staying the night, and I'll use
the pull-down in here." There was a short pause. "Slut
boy over there will be staying with me."There was a sudden flurry as everybody rushed to follow
his instructions, his control quite amazing considering
how little we had thought he had just a few hours before.
Then I found myself alone with him, still bent over the
chair in Dawn's bra and panties and with her dildo stuck
up my arse. I sensed him coming behind me, and then felt
him pull it out. He came back into my field of vision and
held it to my lips."Clean it, bitch," he said.
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